The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race is one of the most prestigious motorcycle races in the world. Most fans will have heard of Manx Norton, a name that will always be synonymous with this world famous race.

Nortons have contested every Isle of Man TT race from the inaugural 1907 event through into the 1970's, a feat unrivalled by any other manufacturer, and the development and honing of the Manx racing motorcycle was another step in this racing achievement.

When we were given the chance to become involved in the recreation of the famous Manx Norton motorcycle we jumped at it. Working closely with project leader Patrick Walker, we provided solutions to some of the most complex issues arising in such a high quality project.

One of the most exciting challenges was to create the cylinder barrels, where each piece of material is an aluminium billet measuring 10” diameter by 7” long. We made unique bespoke tooling to produce the most complex part, the cooling fins. As they are deep and narrow and required a good surface finish, we had to work to some extremely tight tolerances. Despite the issues that arose we managed to find solutions and the final cylinder barrels ended up as major features on the bikes.

We continue to be a favoured supplier of precision machined parts to Works Racing Motor Cycles.