Formula 1 and Motorsports

Since the early days of N&B, we have worked with a variety of clients and race teams involved with Formula 1 and Motorsports gaining a reputation for consistently producing high quality solutions as well as exceptional service delivery. Within a stone’s throw of Silverstone, our industry insights and engineering expertise enable us to react quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of such a demanding profession. Specific projects have included aerodynamic parts for wind tunnel models and many parts for race car suspension systems. Our clients include McLaren F1 and Wirth Research.

"I have worked with N&B for many years. I have always found their work to be of a consistently high quality, always on schedule and to an acceptable price. They are prepared to tackle projects, which other companies will shy away from and always get you out of trouble when the need arises. An excellent and consistent member of our supply chain."
Pat Ralph, Wirth Research

“We have used N&B for many years now. The quality of product and their friendly and prompt service, make them one of our preferred suppliers for large and small machined components in either small volume prototype form, or larger Palmer Sport production volumes.”
Edward Smith, Design Engineer, Palmer Sport