Specialist Projects

We use our engineering knowledge and vast experience to work pro-actively with customers looking for specialist engineering help. In particular, our ability to develop solutions for some unique engineering challenges has proved invaluable to solving the most difficult of tasks. Some of these have included parts for the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car and cylinder barrels for Manx Norton motorcycle.

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“With precision engineering you have to have full confidence in the subcontractors with which you work. I am pleased to confirm that during the last five years N&B Engineering have demonstrated that they can deliver excellent quality and great service. Complex orders require disproportionately more programming and set ups, all against the clock and frequently N&B have gone beyond the call of duty to prepare quotations and help us win orders.”
Paul Waldron, MD, EDM Precision Technologies

“At Works Racing Motor Cycles, we are very particular about which companies we sub work out to. N&B are part of a very small group of suppliers to whom we entrust the manufacture of some key components. Over a long period, they have proved to be a reliable source of very high quality parts.”
Patrick Walker, MD, Works Racing Engines (Manx Norton)